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Natural Hair Washing Technique

Wash Cycle IV

Wash & Go (Temperature Method) ‡

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Wash Day Parade

Week ending April 3 

product line-up for a wash & go (temperature method)

L-R: Kinky Curly Come Clean Shampoo, éne shea butter Hair Styling Lotion, Karen’s body beautiful Sweet Ambrosia Leave-in Conditioner, Broccoli Seed Oil

Wash Cycle III

A lazy Sunday, a quickie wash and re-purposing a product for a great result ‡

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Wash Day Parade

Week ending Mar 12 

product line-up for a quickie wash

L-R: Kinky Curly Come Clean, Jane Carter Condition & Sculpt, Jane Carter Incredible Curls, Broccoli Seed Oil

Wash Day Parade

Week ending Feb 28 

2 Stylers play together: 
♣ Jane Carter Incredible Curls
♣ Kinky Curly Curling Custard

L-R: Soutannicals Knot Sauce, Life-flo Pure Shea Nut Oil, Jane Carter Incredible Curls, Kinky Curly Come Clean, Kinky Curly Curling Custard

Wash Cycle II

Wash day Saturday and er….Sunday 

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How do you wash?

There’s a method in the madness….

♣ Shampoo > Deep conditioner > Hair dryer 20 mins > Warm water rinse > Leave-in   conditioner > Hair dryer 20 mins > Cool water spritz > Oil sealant

♣ Shampoo > Warm leave-in conditioner (microwave 1 min) > Cool water spritz > Oil sealant

♣ Clarifying shampoo > Oil only deep conditioning > Hair dryer 20 mins > Leave-in conditioner > Cool water rinse > Oil sealant > Creamy Styler

♣ Co-wash > Leave-in conditioner > Gel Styler > Oil sealant

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Wash Cycle

Co-Washing Need Not Apply 

I wash my hair with shampoo…..every single time I cleanse my hair! I rarely co-wash and mostly just for the sake of doing something new.

Low porosity hair (my hair type) is likely to get build-up more easily than high porosity hair and in my experience, requires proper removal of ‘stale’ products before applying additional products on wash day.

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Wash Day Parade

Week ending Feb 20 

The Return of Coconut Oil

L-R: Coconut Oil, Incredible Curls, Strawberry Kurls Leave-In Moisturiser, Hemp seed Oil

Wash day Sunday (WDS) marked the return of coconut oil (island made, of course). Coconut oil, I have discovered, is not to be taken lightly. It’s potency can work for you or against you and for my low porosity hair, it’s been both a blessing and a curse. Low porosity hair has all it’s layers intact, this means that its outer layer (cuticle) as well as its inner core (cortex & medulla) are not broken or ‘chipped’. This hair type doesn’t need as much protein or ‘fillers’ which is often times required by high porosity hair to fill the gaps in its cuticle.

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