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Do’s & Dont’s of Hair Care for Curly Kinky Hair


‡ The Temperature Method

The hair’s cuticle layers respond to heat and cold, enabling the strands to accept and hold onto moisture.

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What is Your Porosity Profile?

Porosity is the hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture; it tells a story of how quickly or slowly moisture enters and leaves the hair’s strands. Understanding porosity can be immensely helpful in choosing hair care products &/or developing a regimen for achieving your best hair results ‡

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Haircare Hero Series

HERO #2: The Refrigerator 

Or rather, the inside of one. The inside of your refrigerator is where some of your hair care products should live. Store leave-in conditioners and apply them cold to your hair in order to add and seal moisture; some food grade, unrefined oils are best stored in the refrigerator so as to prolong life as well as bolster the sealing process . Lastly, keep your spray bottle in the trusty refrigerator and spritz cool water as part of your hair care regimen.

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‡ Wash & Go Lite

A pared-down version of the wash & go technique, the Wash & Go Lite is used to revive dry curls (mostly mid-week). This process usually takes place outside the shower, is considered an interim solution to regularly scheduled wash day pampering and may not prolong moisture for more than a few more days.

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Week ending March 5 

A refresh for low porosity curls

Starting Point:

  • Day 6
  • High frizz
  • Low moisture (medium moisture in some spots)
  • Tangles (I’m sure).

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Low porosity hair loves overnight conditioning. Applying a moisturising conditioner on non-porous curls while they are asleep produces awesome results the next day….just add water. Overnight conditioning is usually reserved for hot oil treatments which can hardly be classified as moisture since oils do not moisturise natural hair (exceptions are coconut & argan oil). Hot oil treatments should be viewed as a method to strengthen hair strands & reduce tangles which can then lead to length retention.

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Haircare Hero Series

HERO #1: The Lowly Applicator Bottle 

Keep handy, empty applicator bottles in your shower; they will become invaluable in your hair care arsenal. I use them for diluting thick products especially shampoos and it allows me better application of the shampoo to my scalp. Remember, shampoo is for the scalp not for the hair strands.

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