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How to’s for Curly Kinky Hair

Wash Cycle IV

Wash & Go (Temperature Method) ‡

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‡ The Temperature Method

The hair’s cuticle layers respond to heat and cold, enabling the strands to accept and hold onto moisture.

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Shea Butter & You

Shea Butter: friend or foe? ‡

Shea Butter has become a major star in natural hair care and has found its way into the hearts (and hair) of many natural-haired women. Whether you use shea butter in its raw form or products containing shea butter, there’s no doubt that there’s magic to be found. 

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Do This, Not That

This vs That of Natural Hair Care ‡
Option A » Broccoli Seed oil, a pungent-smelling natural oil, touted as nature’s silicone.

A slick and large-molecule oil, Broccoli seed oil is ideal for medium to thick strands (a little goes a long way). A natural oil which possess a noticeable and pungent smell, Broccoli seed oil has been largely ignored for at-home use on its own but can now be found in many leave-in conditioners due to its ability to add shine and fight frizz. It also performs as an effective sealant – similar to man-made silicones – but one that doesn’t require a harsh sulfate shampoo to remove from it the hair.

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Are Rinse-Out Conditioners & Detanglers Really Necessary?

I have not used a ‘rinse-out’ conditioner for ages, nor have I used a dedicated product for de-tangling my curly-kinky hair. I’ve thought about why this is and have come to a few conclusions based on my own experiences. Read on.

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Wash Cycle III

A lazy Sunday, a quickie wash and re-purposing a product for a great result ‡

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‡ Wash & Go Lite

A pared-down version of the wash & go technique, the Wash & Go Lite is used to revive dry curls (mostly mid-week). This process usually takes place outside the shower, is considered an interim solution to regularly scheduled wash day pampering and may not prolong moisture for more than a few more days.

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Week ending March 5 

A refresh for low porosity curls

Starting Point:

  • Day 6
  • High frizz
  • Low moisture (medium moisture in some spots)
  • Tangles (I’m sure).

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Wash Cycle II

Wash day Saturday and er….Sunday 

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Low porosity hair loves overnight conditioning. Applying a moisturising conditioner on non-porous curls while they are asleep produces awesome results the next day….just add water. Overnight conditioning is usually reserved for hot oil treatments which can hardly be classified as moisture since oils do not moisturise natural hair (exceptions are coconut & argan oil). Hot oil treatments should be viewed as a method to strengthen hair strands & reduce tangles which can then lead to length retention.

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How do you wash?

There’s a method in the madness….

♣ Shampoo > Deep conditioner > Hair dryer 20 mins > Warm water rinse > Leave-in   conditioner > Hair dryer 20 mins > Cool water spritz > Oil sealant

♣ Shampoo > Warm leave-in conditioner (microwave 1 min) > Cool water spritz > Oil sealant

♣ Clarifying shampoo > Oil only deep conditioning > Hair dryer 20 mins > Leave-in conditioner > Cool water rinse > Oil sealant > Creamy Styler

♣ Co-wash > Leave-in conditioner > Gel Styler > Oil sealant

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Wash Cycle

Co-Washing Need Not Apply 

I wash my hair with shampoo…..every single time I cleanse my hair! I rarely co-wash and mostly just for the sake of doing something new.

Low porosity hair (my hair type) is likely to get build-up more easily than high porosity hair and in my experience, requires proper removal of ‘stale’ products before applying additional products on wash day.

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