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Common Thoughts about Curly Kinky Natural Hair

Why We Are In Knots

We, the natural-haired women, do not like knots and tangles. In fact, we wage war against them on wash day or every time we find one. The pre-poo was developed primarily for this reason, was it not? Also, the fact that detanglers (products) feature dominantly in our hair care routines speaks volume on how much attention is required to rid our hair of this menace.

No, we do not like knots & tangles.

But knots & tangles love our textured hair. They show themselves if our natural hair gets too dry, when we wear protective styles for an extended period of time, wearing wash & go’s, when we get wind in our hair, if we sleep without hair cover, when we shampoo, just simply getting our hair wet. In order words, they await us around every corner.

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‡ Walk, Don’t Run

Curls love water, from a shower-head, a spray bottle but not from a torrential downpour…in the Caribbean. Although it is well understood that water is the ultimate moisturiser for curls, rain remains a threat to natural-haired women (er, all women) because it ‘ruins’ hairstyles; moreover, because frizz reigns supreme on a wet day, some re-work may be required to recover one’s curls.

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‡ The Halo Effect

Halo frizz is cute. So say some of us curly-haired girls. It’s well-documented that we have fought the halo, utilising everything in Curly Hair Land to fix it….but nothing has really worked, has it?

Products are temporary fixes, we know that now. We also know that genetics, hair damage and mother nature are formidable opponents. The solution? We get to say ‘halo frizz is cute’. So there.


Keep Calm & Buy 2 Each

Buy two of everything. Well, not everything….but definitely the faves you’re convinced make your curls rock. Do you want to be standing under the shower when you realise that your favourite wide-tooth comb is still tucked away in your travel case? God forbid you should forget your favourite leave-in condish behind in a hotel’s bathroom on your last trip away. It happens.

Inoculate yourself by buying two of those items you deem important for the survival of your naturally curly hair. Am I sounding a little extreme? If you think so, then you have yet to experience that lightning bolt of panic that runs through your body when you realise – way too late – that you are missing a product or tool needed to complete your wash day pampering.

Ah, curly hair logic.

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