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Working Out The Kinks

Do You Texture Discriminate?

If you generally ignore information on curl patterns which are different from yours, here are 4 reasons why you shouldn’t: 

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Of Natural Hair > Things Observers Say (to your face)

If you have been natural for one day, you have heard one or more of the following: ‡

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Shea Butter & You

Shea Butter: friend or foe? ‡

Shea Butter has become a major star in natural hair care and has found its way into the hearts (and hair) of many natural-haired women. Whether you use shea butter in its raw form or products containing shea butter, there’s no doubt that there’s magic to be found. 

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What is Your Porosity Profile?

Porosity is the hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture; it tells a story of how quickly or slowly moisture enters and leaves the hair’s strands. Understanding porosity can be immensely helpful in choosing hair care products &/or developing a regimen for achieving your best hair results ‡

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Natural Hair: 10 Ways To Tell If You Are Under It’s Spell

You are under the spell of your natural hair when: 

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Do This, Not That

This vs That of Natural Hair Care ‡
Option A » Broccoli Seed oil, a pungent-smelling natural oil, touted as nature’s silicone.

A slick and large-molecule oil, Broccoli seed oil is ideal for medium to thick strands (a little goes a long way). A natural oil which possess a noticeable and pungent smell, Broccoli seed oil has been largely ignored for at-home use on its own but can now be found in many leave-in conditioners due to its ability to add shine and fight frizz. It also performs as an effective sealant – similar to man-made silicones – but one that doesn’t require a harsh sulfate shampoo to remove from it the hair.

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Are Rinse-Out Conditioners & Detanglers Really Necessary?

I have not used a ‘rinse-out’ conditioner for ages, nor have I used a dedicated product for de-tangling my curly-kinky hair. I’ve thought about why this is and have come to a few conclusions based on my own experiences. Read on.

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A Natural Hair Quarrel

Few things persist like the perceptions and convictions of natural-haired women about natural hair. Here are some subject matters on which natural-haired women agree to disagree: Continue reading “A Natural Hair Quarrel”

How do you wash?

There’s a method in the madness….

♣ Shampoo > Deep conditioner > Hair dryer 20 mins > Warm water rinse > Leave-in   conditioner > Hair dryer 20 mins > Cool water spritz > Oil sealant

♣ Shampoo > Warm leave-in conditioner (microwave 1 min) > Cool water spritz > Oil sealant

♣ Clarifying shampoo > Oil only deep conditioning > Hair dryer 20 mins > Leave-in conditioner > Cool water rinse > Oil sealant > Creamy Styler

♣ Co-wash > Leave-in conditioner > Gel Styler > Oil sealant

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