‡ Walk, Don’t Run

Curls love water, from a shower-head, a spray bottle but not from a torrential downpour…in the Caribbean. Although it is well understood that water is the ultimate moisturiser for curls, rain remains a threat to natural-haired women (er, all women) because it ‘ruins’ hairstyles; moreover, because frizz reigns supreme on a wet day, some re-work may be required to recover one’s curls.

To revive wet, damp or frizzy curls, give one of the following a try:

Option 1: Apply a dollop of leave-in conditioner to hair as soon as possible, let air-dry

Option 2: Let air-dry, no product application, no touching

Option 3: Use the opportunity to do a ‘refresh’ procedure

Curls love water…walk, don’t run.