‡ The Temperature Method

The hair’s cuticle layers respond to heat and cold, enabling the strands to accept and hold onto moisture.

The Temperature Method utilises hot and cold temperatures in an efficient manner throughout the wash & go process to moisturise and seal natural hair.

Applying moderate temperatures to the hair’s strands throughout the entire wash & go routine is more suitable for low porosity hair than other porosities, this because low porosity strands consist of tight bound cuticle layers and in order to get moisture into this hair texture, these cuticle layers must be gently lifted.

High porosity strands thrive on gentle heat for deep-conditioning treatments but otherwise do not need heated leave-ins; however, the use of cold temperatures to calm already raised cuticle layers will assist in sealing in a favourite moisturiser.

All natural hair textures respond to hot and cold temperatures; utilise this to your benefit by incorporating heat & cold as part of your hair care regimen to moisturise &/or seal.


PRODUCTS: Use your favourites!

Low porosity hair is highly tolerant of both hot & cold temperatures, medium to high porosity hair respond well to gentle/body heat & cold temperatures.

DIRECTIONS: Part 1 – Apply heat to moisturise

Temperature level , low porosity  ¦  Medium heat

Temperature level, medium – high porosity  ¦  Low & body heat      

  • Wash hair
  • In a microwavable container, heat deep conditioner for 5-7 seconds (product may liquefy)
  • Apply warm deep conditioner to hair and cover hair with plastic cap for 10 mins
  • Rinse deep conditioner with warm water (low porosity – to keep those cuticle layers open!)
  • Rinse deep conditioner with cold water  (high porosity – to help calm raised cuticle layers)
  • Remove excess water from hair

Low porosity strands:

  • In a microwavable container, heat leave-in conditioner for 5 – 7 seconds (product may liquefy)
  • Apply warm leave-in conditioner to hair and leave to cool

Medium – High porosity strands:

  • Do not heat the leave-in conditioner, instead apply a cold leave-in conditioner to moisturise and help calm raised cuticle layers (keep conditioner in the refrigerator for your convenience)

 No time is spent under a hair dryer, this technique utilises your time more efficiently than the typical wash & go

DIRECTIONS: PART 2 – Apply cold to seal (all porosities)

Temperature level ¦ Medium cold       

  • Remove from the refrigerator, your favourite cold leave-in conditioner (followed by a cold styling lotion) and  apply to hair. Never used a cold styler? You are missing out!
  • Apply an appropriate oil/butter to bolster and seal in the moisture (optional for low porosity/thin strands, necessary for high porosity/thick strands).

*Some natural oils can be kept in the refrigerator.