You are under the spell of your natural hair when: 

  1. You create a night-out activity (where none previously existed) because your curls are poppin’.
  2. You cancel a night-out activity (where a promise was previously made) because your curls are not poppin’.
  3. At home, you automatically sit upright in a yoga-like pose at all times to avoid cotton fabric cushions.
  4. You re-wash your hair for a special event, having washed it just one day earlier.
  5. You run fast from the rain, risking life & limb, to avoid your curls getting wet.
  6. You still avoid swimming… you did with relaxed hair.
  7. Your mood rises & falls based on how your curls look: an all-day smile for a good hair day, an stern-faced look for a bad hair day and a schizophrenic-type behaviour when you are confused about the results.
  8. You buy 3 leave-in conditioners at once when you already have several of the same brands stored at home.
  9. You wash your hair prior to a salon visit.
  10. Wash day is all day (and without conversation with another human).