This vs That of Natural Hair Care ‡
Option A » Broccoli Seed oil, a pungent-smelling natural oil, touted as nature’s silicone.

A slick and large-molecule oil, Broccoli seed oil is ideal for medium to thick strands (a little goes a long way). A natural oil which possess a noticeable and pungent smell, Broccoli seed oil has been largely ignored for at-home use on its own but can now be found in many leave-in conditioners due to its ability to add shine and fight frizz. It also performs as an effective sealant – similar to man-made silicones – but one that doesn’t require a harsh sulfate shampoo to remove from it the hair.

Option B » Hair care products containing silicones.

Silicones in hair care products serve several purposes not least of which is to lock moisture into the hair and insulate it from environmental stressors. Some modified ones (look for ‘PEG’ attached to the silicone’s name) encourage moisture retention by helping the product to adhere to hair’s strands and can be removed with regular washing. Others are more stubborn and doesn’t dissolve as easily; they require a sulfate or clarifying shampoo to remove them from the hair and which tend to strip the hair’s natural oils, an undesirable result for curly-haired women.