I have not used a ‘rinse-out’ conditioner for ages, nor have I used a dedicated product for de-tangling my curly-kinky hair. I’ve thought about why this is and have come to a few conclusions based on my own experiences. Read on.

A ‘rinse-out’ conditioner is a dedicated product for the purpose of softening and moisturising natural hair following the use of a cleanser. It works by smoothing cuticles which have been raised by the shampoo (usually an alkaline pH) and the warm water washing. It is supposed to prepare the hair for the leave-in conditioner and whatever else follows of your hair care regimen.

Since I deep-condition my hair after my shampoo process, it seems redundant to use a rinse-out conditioner prior to coating my hair with a deep-conditioner product! Ergo, the rinse-out conditioner is unnecessary …at least in my regimen.

De-tanglers are products marketed as dedicated products for removing knots and tangles from natural hair. These products usually contain potent amounts of conditioning agents such as oils, shea butter, fatty acids and other plant botannicals needed to melt knots and reduce tangles.

Natural-haired women de-tangle a lot, such is the nature of the beast. I, myself, resist the urge to de-tangle 3-4 times on wash day and wait until after my deep conditioning treatment. Following a deep-conditioning treatment, the hair is truly moisturised from a gently heated conditioner and is poised for an easier comb-through/finger de-tangling session.

Tip: Wet the hair with cool-cold water without rinsing out the deep-conditioner and then proceed to de-tangle, the cool water will calm the cuticles and make de-tangling easier. Besides, wet hair soaked with product is best for de-tangling than damp or dry hair!

Finally, whenever I forego a deep-conditioning treatment, I de-tangle my hair after I’ve applied my leave-in and styler. Yes, the de-tangling comes at the very end...after the styler!

Thank me later!