A lazy Sunday, a quickie wash and re-purposing a product for a great result ‡

Week ending: March 12

Natural Hair Care Method: Wash & Slow Quickie*

Time Spend:  30 mins, Sunday

Product Line-up (Wash day Parade): Kinky Curly Come Clean Shampoo,  Jane Carter Incredible Curls, Jane Carter Condition & Sculpt, Broccoli Seed Oil

Hair Drying Method: 100% air dry

Hair Profile:

curly-kinky, low porosity, shoulder-length, medium shrinkage, medium-width strands, prone to frizz

The Prep: None

Wash & Style: 30 mins (not including drying time)

♣ I rinse away ‘old’ products from hair (in-shower) with tepid water

♣ I shampoo scalp only once with Kinky Curly Come Clean Shampoo

♣ I rinse shampoo from scalp with mildly warm water

♣ I apply an adequate amount of Jane Cater Incredible Curls to soaking wet hair and comb through to condition & de-tangle

♣ I squeeze away excess water and product from hair, then let stand for 5 minutes

♣ I place a small additional amount of the Jane Carter Incredible Curls product in the microwave and heat for only 5 seconds, then apply to hair*

♣ I spritz hair with cold water and apply a sliver of broccoli seed oil to strands to seal (especially at hair ends)

♣ I apply Jane Carter Condition & Sculpt as a finisher & styler

*A quickie wash is by definition a shorter wash process, some steps are reduced (removed) but the results shouldn’t be any less stellar. In this instance, there is no pre-poo or deep-conditioning and less product-layering.

*Low porosity hair is best moisturised with a gently heated leave-in conditioner; other porosities should do the opposite and use a cold leave-in to moisturise, lower raised cuticles and seal.

Re-purposed Product: Jane Carter Incredible Curls

Product Category: Creamy Styler

Used as: De-tangler & Leave-in conditioner