Few things persist like the perceptions and convictions of natural-haired women about natural hair. Here are some subject matters on which natural-haired women agree to disagree:

Colour-dyed hair cannot be classified as natural hair

◊ Hair colour dye is a chemical; colour-dyed natural hair is chemically-treated and therefore not natural.

♦ Only relaxed hair is considered chemically-treated hair.

Coconut oil is a miracle product for natural hair

◊ Coconut oil is one of the few oils to penetrate hair strands and truly moisturise natural hair.

♦ Using coconut oil results in a stiff and straw-like feel, the opposite of soft moisturised hair.

Protective styles make natural hair grow

◊ Braids, hair extensions, wigs, cornrows and plaits allow the hair to ‘rest’, which allows it  to grow quickly.

♦ Braids, hair extensions, wigs, cornrows and plaits weaken hair strands, wreck hair  follicles which ultimately retard growth.

Frequent hair trims make natural hair grow

◊ Hair trims encourage hair growth; more trims equal more growth.

♦ Hair grows irrespective of the frequency of hair trims and frequent trims makes very long hair unattainable.

Natural hair volume: the bigger the better

◊ Voluminous natural hair is wild and unprofessional.

♦  Natural hair only looks good with volume.

Maintenance for natural hair is expensive

◊ Natural hair requires organic products and organic products are expensive.

♦ No need to buy organic products; most products are similar, buy a few of any kind and stick to them.


Which side are you on?