HERO #2: The Refrigerator 

Or rather, the inside of one. The inside of your refrigerator is where some of your hair care products should live. Store leave-in conditioners and apply them cold to your hair in order to add and seal moisture; some food grade, unrefined oils are best stored in the refrigerator so as to prolong life as well as bolster the sealing process . Lastly, keep your spray bottle in the trusty refrigerator and spritz cool water as part of your hair care regimen.

Cold temperatures seal hair strands by calming and lowering raised cuticles caused from warm water washing, hair damage, as well as environmental stressors. 

Keep a close watch on hair butters, store them at room temperatures (makes for better application to the hair) and return to cold storage only when there are signs of melting. We know this trick from keeping lipsticks in the refrigerator, don’t we ladies? 

Water is the ultimate moisture for natural hair, everything else (conditioner, oil etc.) is used to bolster and seal in this moisture.

Do This, Not That

  • Rinse deep conditioner with cool water from shower & dry excess water from hair
  • Spritz hair with cold water to adequately saturate strands (use your hair’s porosity as a guide, high porosity hair strands require more water than low porosity strands)
  • Apply cold leave-in conditioner to hair to bolster and to seal in the water
  • Apply oil/butter then styler OR Apply styler then oil/butter OR no styler at all. You choose.