‡ Wash & Go Lite

A pared-down version of the wash & go technique, the Wash & Go Lite is used to revive dry curls (mostly mid-week). This process usually takes place outside the shower, is considered an interim solution to regularly scheduled wash day pampering and may not prolong moisture for more than a few more days.

A single product is applied in a single layer to prevent product build-up.

Revivify (verb): to give new life and vigour to (dry and frizzy curls)


INGREDIENTS: D-I-Y Combo Product

3 oz Light leave-in conditioner product

3 oz Styler product

0.5 oz Sealing Oil

Combine separately in an applicator bottle, shake well.


In my experience, products sold as refreshers are not nearly as robust so as to moisturise, lock in the moisture as well as give structure to curls. 



Prep        ¦                Ready In

5 mins                 Less than a regular wash

  • Spritz hair strands with room temperature water
  • Coat strands with combo product ( lighter layer for low porosity hair)
  • Let air dry

*Amounts stipulated are based on shoulder-length natural hair


Results from a Wash & Go Lite can be amazing but are not meant to last as a regular Wash & Go….water is being sandwiched between old & new product layers instead of deeply penetrating the strands. There is also a high risk of product build-up &/or limp hair. 



  • Camille Rose Curl Love Moisture Milk
  • Kinky Curly Curling Custard
  • Sweet Almond Oil