Week ending March 5 

A refresh for low porosity curls

Starting Point:

  • Day 6
  • High frizz
  • Low moisture (medium moisture in some spots)
  • Tangles (I’m sure).


  • Product build-up (dullness)
  • Greasy hair (weighed-down)

Low porosity hair is more susceptible to product build-up than medium or high porosity hair, so the idea is not to add heavy-duty moisture as similar on a typical wash day to hair which already have some products in it . In my experience, using a single layer of a single product to ‘refresh’ low porosity curls produces the best results. 

Method: Wash & Go Lite

  • I spritz my hair with room temperature water (wet but not soaking wet for low porosity strands)
  • I apply my all-in-one combo product* to my strands
  • Let air-dry or diffuse

Results: As shown in the picture above.

*Combo Product :  Store-bought products  + DIY adjustments 

DIY: Equal parts leave-in conditioner (light consistency) & styling product + few drops of a sealing oil. Shake well to combine. 

Shea Moisture Detangler

This Week: Shea Moisture’s Shea Butter Extra-Moisture Detangler (it is light in nature and moisturising). I added equal part Kinky Curly Curling Custard and a dollop of Sweet Almond oil to complete this awesome curls refresher.

It’s okay to re-purpose products for the benefit of your hair, make up your mind after reading the ingredients list.

Ironically, although I used a ‘de-tangler’ product as my leave-in conditioner, I usually never worry about getting out all my tangles on ‘refresh day’; I fight that war on wash day. Curly hair is forgiving and it will never give up your secrets!