A Product Review


Soultannicals Knot Sauce Coil Detangler


Product Category:  Detangler

Key Ingredients (Top 5):  

  • Blue Malva Herb, Nettle, Horsetail, Slippery Elm, Chamomile

Suggested Use (Manufacturer):  

  • Detangler
  •  Leave-in Conditioner


  • Medium opaque container-able to view contents level
  • Large size only (32 oz) ships with a pump dispenser on top
  • Durable & flexible plastic

Ease of Use:  Contents dispense with ease (regardless of dispenser type on top)

The Contents:  

  • White creamy opaque liquid
  • Medium thickness & viscosity
  •  Obvious fragrance

Head Scratcher:  

  • The product’s paper label may not survive its repeated use
  • The label will soon dissolve when exposed to a moist environment (shower) &/or soaked in water repeatedly. You lose instructions reminder!

Pleasant Surprise:  

  • Broccoli seed oil as a part of the ingredients line-up
  • Broccoli seed oil is touted as nature’s silicone and has a slick texture which has probably contributed to the awesome ‘slip’ of this detangler product.

Reviewer’s Application of Product:  Leave-in conditioner

Product Performance (reviewer’s application):

  • Potent penetrating moisturiser
  • Hair knots & tangles melt upon application

Size Availability:  8 oz – 32 oz

Availability at Local Stores:  Import only (http://www.soultannicals.com)

On the Playground:  Plays well with numerous stylers & oils

Porosity Friendly:  Low ♦ Medium ♦ High

Similar Product(s):  Camille Rose Curl Love

Rating:  ♦♦♦♦

X’s & NO’s, MAYBE’s & OH’s

X ≡ ♦

Under-performance in suggested use, a few dodgy ingredients, only for the brave

No ≡ ♦♦

Under-performance in suggested use 

Maybe ≡ ♦♦♦

Inconsistent performance in suggested use, worthy of forgiveness

Oh! ≡ ♦♦♦♦

Great consistent performance in suggested use, a star


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Hair Profile

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Shoulder-length  curls

Medium-width strands

Medium density