Low porosity hair loves overnight conditioning. Applying a moisturising conditioner on non-porous curls while they are asleep produces awesome results the next day….just add water. Overnight conditioning is usually reserved for hot oil treatments which can hardly be classified as moisture since oils do not moisturise natural hair (exceptions are coconut & argan oil). Hot oil treatments should be viewed as a method to strengthen hair strands & reduce tangles which can then lead to length retention.

The wash & slow can be used by all porosity* types (low, high, medium) but for low porosity curlies, rejoice! Though our curls do not accept moisture easily, at least we don’t have to ‘refresh’ our curls everyday! Once moisture is infused into the hair (usually using gentle heat), our low po curls will hang on to the moisture for dear life. It’s good stuff! What follows is my slow bake recipe for gorgeous curls….you can thank me later.

*see Wash Cycle post for more information on testing your porosity and its importance.



3 oz leave-in conditioner*

2 Plastic caps

1 Sleep cap/Hair wrap

1 knee-high sock

Cool water

2 oz styler

1 oz sealing oil

Substitute leave-in conditioner for a moisturising oil such as coconut/argan oil. Beware: Coconut oil adheres to the hair’s proteins so using this oil too often will over time, cause the hair to become stiff and temporarily resistant to moisture. 


Prep         ¦      Bake         ¦     Ready In

15 mins          7-8 hrs           Who cares? The curls will be gorgeous!

  • Apply 2 oz leave-in conditioner to DRY pre-washed strands (no soaking wet hair for bed)
  • Cover hair with 2 plastic caps
  • Cover plastic caps with sleep cap/hair wrap
  • Wrap knee-high sock around head’s perimeter/hairline & secure tightly.
  • Slow bake at low heat for 7 hours overnight (sleep tight)
  • Add cool water to saturate strands next day
  • Apply remaining leave-in conditioner (to replace that which may be lost due to saturating hair strands under the shower)
  • Apply 1 oz sealing oil
  • Apply 2 oz styler
  • Air dry
  • Take a hair selfie

Amounts stipulated are based on shoulder-length curly hair.