Co-Washing Need Not Apply 

I wash my hair with shampoo…..every single time I cleanse my hair! I rarely co-wash and mostly just for the sake of doing something new.

Low porosity hair (my hair type) is likely to get build-up more easily than high porosity hair and in my experience, requires proper removal of ‘stale’ products before applying additional products on wash day.

Cleanser: Giovanni Moisturising Shampoo

  • I dilute shampoo with  tepid water in the shower (just as effective as the original formula but able to better squirt the shampoo straight onto the scalp. Always combine in a separate container; I keep at least 2 applicator bottles in the shower)

Deep Conditioner: Extra virgin Coconut Oil 

  • I begin with slightly damp hair (remove excess water with micro-fibre towel after washing and saturate hair stands with coconut oil)
  • I cover with a plastic cap and apply gentle heat via a hair dryer for approx 20 mins

Leave-in Conditioner & Sealant: Kumea’s Strawberry Kurls Leave-in Moisturiser

  • I rinse the excess coconut oil with cool water (cool water serves to close the hair cuticle and reduce frizz)
  • I apply Kumea’s Leave-in conditioner to fairly wet hair (not soaking wet….if low porosity hair absorbs too much water, there’s literally no space left for the leave-in conditioner. If this sounds too much like science, then guess what… is!

Styler: Jane Carter Incredible Curls

  • I apply JC Incredible Curls in the shower right after applying Kumea’s Leave-in, my hair is still quite wet at this point. I use JCIC on wet hair as stated on the label. (Try to use products as stipulated by the manufacturer, leave-ins usually work best when exact directions are followed)

Oil: Hemp seed Oil (applied to hair ends only, the driest part of anyone’s hair)

  • My final action is applying hemp seed oil to the ends of my hair strands.My hair ends are the most fragile part of my strands and require extra TLC, applying oil is a more robust way of locking in water and keeping the drier parts of my hair properly moisturised.