Week ending Feb 20 

The Return of Coconut Oil

L-R: Coconut Oil, Incredible Curls, Strawberry Kurls Leave-In Moisturiser, Hemp seed Oil

Wash day Sunday (WDS) marked the return of coconut oil (island made, of course). Coconut oil, I have discovered, is not to be taken lightly. It’s potency can work for you or against you and for my low porosity hair, it’s been both a blessing and a curse. Low porosity hair has all it’s layers intact, this means that its outer layer (cuticle) as well as its inner core (cortex & medulla) are not broken or ‘chipped’. This hair type doesn’t need as much protein or ‘fillers’ which is often times required by high porosity hair to fill the gaps in its cuticle.

Coconut oil not only behaves like a protein and serves to fill gaps in the hair cuticle thereby providing structure to hair strands, it comprises small molecules which enter the strand to moisturise and condition.

In the past, I got carried away and erroneously used coconut oil almost every week. I’ve used coconut oil for overnight deep conditioning (still the best method for striking results) or for shorter hair steaming exercises and I’ve also used products which contain coconut oil as a primary ingredient. This led to a build-up of coconut oil on my hair and although not greasy, it felt stiff; moisture in the form of water and leave-in conditioner could not penetrate my strands effectively. These days though, I use coconut oil once a month and if I use coconut oil for 2/3 consecutive months, I clarify my hair and begin anew.


Coconut oil

  • Any locally made one should work. I know,  I know, we all want coconut oil grounded and boiled by ‘Miss Madge’ from rural Jamaica but I’ve also used the one from the shelves of the supermarket to similar results!

*Btw…I always apply oil to my hair from an applicator bottle with a fine tip, it’s the least messy method!


Kumea’s Hair Perspective Strawberry Kurls Leave-in Moisturiser:

  • Island made.
  • Key ingredients: Castor oil, Shea butter & Hemp seed oil (hemp seed oil is an awesome oil for medium naturally curly hair strands!)
  • For my low porosity hair, this makes a great ‘sealer’ which moisturises too.
  • For high porosity hair, it should make a great moisturiser because its chock full of shea butter, medium oils and fatty acids. 
  • Fine hair curlies should beware of greasy hair, hemp seed oil is moisturising but best used for medium to thick strands


Jane Carter Incredible Curls:

  • Imported styler; unicorn-style sightings at local stores


Hemp seed Oil:

  • A very moisturising, medium-thick oil
  • An under-utilised oil by curlies; can be found in health food stores.