HERO #1: The Lowly Applicator Bottle 

Keep handy, empty applicator bottles in your shower; they will become invaluable in your hair care arsenal. I use them for diluting thick products especially shampoos and it allows me better application of the shampoo to my scalp. Remember, shampoo is for the scalp not for the hair strands.

I also use an applicator bottle for applying conditioner to my hair strands (de-tangling in the shower). If you have long, thick hair, then you will appreciate diluting some products to make them last longer! Besides, using diluted conditioner means you are applying water and conditioner to your strands at the same time, exactly what your hair needs to de-tangle!

Do you use natural oils in your hair care regimen? Applicator bottles are ideal for applying oil to your natural hair. Use an applicator bottle with a fine tip (instead of a medium/large tip), it allows for applying oils in small measured amounts so that you are likely to have a big mess or greasy hair!